Technical Rider for Millan & Faye


Technical Rider

for Millan & Faye Present; “The Opera!”





Kyra Millan


Christina Faye



Onstage requirements:

We will need minimum 3  hours prior to house opening  for sound check, set up  of the screen, projector, quick change area and stage arrangement.


    Minimum stage size of 9’x9’

    A hand held microphone placed just offstage

   Acoustic grand piano – if not available then a high quality, tuned acoustic upright is acceptable. We will discuss placement when in the space. In some cases piano may need to have a set of microphones to properly balance with the singing/speaking.

    Full size adjustable piano bench (enough room for two people to sit)

    3 personal, headset style, wireless microphone complete with transmitter etc. for Tina - Shure is preferrable - One for each performer and a backup


    Projection Screen and projector – We run projections from a mac laptop during the show and can plug into a theatre system using a thunderbolt connection. Please advise us what sort of input your projector uses.

We DO  have our own projector and silk screen (20 Feet x 15 Feet) which can be used, but the screen will need to be hung. Please advise us if you do NOT have this equipment available.

    one chair, black, with no arms

    one small round café table ( if there isn’t one, artist can provide one)


    Space to be able to go completely off stage and not be seen by the audience.

    1 large or 2 smaller dressing rooms with well-lit mirrors, water, coffee

    if the dressing room is far from the performance space, an assistant is required for a quick change just after act 2 begins.


Lighting states; 

Warm, brightlighting, good for comedy with minimum one special; Spotlight for Kyra