Millan and Faye present: The Opera!



Let this dynamic duo take you on a whirlwind interactive introduction to all the sublimely ridiculous elements in the world of opera. Seen for 5 seasons at the Canadian Opera Company, Hamilton Philharmonic's "What Next Festival?" and the Harbourfront Voice and Strings Festival, Millan&Faye bring you a unique combination of comedy and excellent musicianship with this unique and engaging show.

  Millan & Faye Presents; 'The Opera' takes the audience on a 75 minute exhilarating and hilarious journey of Kyra's barely being able to speak in public to becoming an opera singer.  This highly interactive performance engages the audience to become the auditioner, orchestra, chorus, and some even find themselves singing with Kyra Millan on stage.  Commissioned for 6 years running by the COC, Millan & Faye Presents; 'The Opera' has consistently sold out shows and is beginning their tour throughout Ontario in October 2016.  2Pianos, 4Hands meets Second City and the TSO.


Kyra Millan and Tina Faye make exquisite fun of that rarified art form “The Opera”, a delightful parody for opera aficionados as well as the opera-challenged that brings together great humour and great music with the absolutely absurdity of it all!
— Scott Peterson, Chairman, Cornwall Concert Series

A delicious mix of coloratura soprano, audience engagement and charming humour. You come away smiling, having heard great singing and learnt a little bit about opera! What more could you ask for?"                                                                        - Caroline Hollway, Producer, Harbourfront