"Kyra Millan and Tina Faye make exquisite fun of that rarefied art form "The Opera", a delightful parody for opera aficionados as well as he opera challenged that brings together great humour and great music with the absolute absurdity of it all"

- Scott Peterson, Chairman, Cornwall Concert Series

" A delicious mix of coloratura soprano, audience engagement and charming humour. You come away smiling, having heard great singing and leaned a little about opera! What more could you ask for?"

- Caroline Hollway, Producer, Harbourfront

"If we want a new audience to love Opera, we send Kyra"

- Katherine Semcesen, Education Department, Canadian Opera Company

-  Kyra Millan and Tina Faye enthralled the students from two Gravenhurst elementary schools on December 6th, 2016 at the historic Gravenhurst Opera House. We had hired them as part of our youth outreach mandate and were thrilled with their success in introducing these young people to the magical world of opera.


"As a former teacher myself, I was impressed with what enlightened educators they were, keenly aware of what it takes to manage the engagement of such an audience for several hours.  Their artistry is nothing less than world class, of course,  and they have crafted a superb, interactive program that draws young people in.  Students were eagerly responding to their questions and in no time were even participating on stage in brief scenes cleverly designed to enable them to take that risk. 

The respect Millan and Faye felt for these young people was very evident in their interaction. We hope that as many students as possible have such an opportunity to be whisked into the world of opera by these virtuosos. "


Yours sincerely,

Nancy Jamieson


Muskoka Concert Association


"Kyra Millan and Tina Faye’s performance ofThe Opera provided an irreverent tale that pokes fun at the trials and tribulations of being an opera diva while rewarding the audience with glorious singing and delightful piano interludes.  Our large audience enthusiastically participated in the hilarious skits presented by the dynamic duo and enriched by the velvet timbre of a baritone.   This show was an excellent choice to launch our renewal campaign for the next season as our patrons left laughing and excited, thus eager to sign up again."

Rosamund Battye,

Artistic Director, Welland Port Colborne Concert Association