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Telling Tales Gala - Glen Gould Studio - Millan & Faye



Millan & Faye are Featured Guests at; Telling Tales Gala

Sunday, May 1, 2016
CBC’s Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front Street West, Toronto

Telling Tales Out of School, People for Education’s annual gala benefit, is both a celebration of public education and a fundraiser for People for Education. It is an event that celebrates the creativity, innovation and imagination that is alive and thriving in our public schools today. We tell the tales of possibility through music, dance and storiesOver the years, Telling Tales has attracted many of Toronto’s political, community, and business leaders as audience members, as well as an amazing roster of Canadian authors, actors and musicians.

Every dollar raised at Telling Tales Out of School helps People for Education gather facts, share ideas and information, and engage the public in conversations that matter about our children’s education.