Opera Comedienne Kyra Millan and her music partner Tina Faye, invite the audience into the world of opera through a brilliantly funny, whirlwind concert full of operatic favourites and well-known classical tunes, as well sketches and improv that celebrate the sublime and sublimely ridiculous elements that make up opera. 

Join them as they take one another on in dashing four hand piano battles, illuminate voice types, bring smiles with their unique take on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” variations. All the while weaving a beautiful narrative of the challenges of learning to sing and a brief history of opera. They even take on the challenging subject of Opera’s Greatest Deaths.  

By sharing opera as the popular music it was and blowing off the cobwebs to reveal the greatest music of all time a new audience is inspired to embrace and yes participate in the fun. What makes it unique is the improvisational comedy with the audience, coupled with virtuosic music performance.  Part Two pianos, four hands, meets Second City and the TSO.

It is an engaging and hilarious tool for audience development, education and entertaining outreach. Their effervescent and irreverent approach, seduces audiences of all ages into participating!

Our show is flexible and can adapt to many audiences and environments:


  • Family, music, theatre entertainment
  • Festivals
  • Galas
  • Cabarets
  • Lobby Concerts
  • Education Outreach performances

Millan and Faye will be returning to the Four Seasons Centre this March for a fifth time to perform their new show “Millan and Faye present; The Opera”  Upcoming in early 2016, they will do a five night run in Toronto. Most recently, they launched two new videos, a light, comedic, educational video of “ABC’s” and a buzzfeed – style“Top Ten Diva Deaths”.


A delicious mix of coloratura soprano, audience engagement and charming humour. You come away smiling, having heard great singing and learnt a little bit about opera! What more could ask for?

She can also get anyone ( and I mean anyone...) singing enthusiastically (and with good technique). A force to be reckoned with indeed.
— Caroline Hollway - Producer, Harbourfront